• Trading & Sales

    Maintaining a stock and delivering products require well coordinated efforts to achieve operational efficiencies. To meet the challenges of general trading companies working in a large geographical area, they need an efficient system and Vibrant is designed to bring in next level of efficiency to General Trading and Sales organizations.

  • What does any organization think about Trading or Sales?

    Is it resources, profits, time or people? Indeed, but that's not all!
    There is a lot more that concerns any organization when it comes to sales and trading..

    • ❝ A   good Sales Strategy is not having great ideas but to know the art to implement those ideas skillfully.   ❞

    • Each idea is delegated after lots of thinking, resource management and what not; but, it would be all in vain to look at just one side of the coin.

    • This especially is a telltale for new organizations that want to emerge out as a successful venture. Therefore, for them, it is consistently important to know all that they need to strive for.

    • Why look out for Vibrant?

      Vibrant is an adept destination to resolve your problems and scrapes if you are looking for the best and efficient solutions to enhance your work and project management.
      It is a standard mobile application designed to target organizations that wish to boost up their teams' work methodology for better or improved efficiency.

      For people in sales, this app can turn out to be a key propensity that can be the centric base for all their needs. Here are some of the issues that could go overboard:

      • 1 Unclear Goals

        2 Poor Work Procedure

        3 Inefficient Resources

        4 Improper Guidance

      • 5 Constrained Performance

        6 Low Productivity

        7 Low Morale

    • 1
        By Providing clear vision

      The focus should not be on being busy, rather on being busy in doing ‘productive work’. Through this app, you can sort your agendas and harness its features to be of potent usage in long-term planning and building conducive strategies.

      A clear goal is very important in Sales. An organization can build its task management strategies using Vibrant . They can create Goals based on

    • 1Current Ideology

      2Desired Sales Goals(Target)

    • 3Competitor Information

      4Current Sales Statistics

    • 2By Helping in Time Management and Performance Management

      The one thing that never stops is Time! So to keep progressing, you need to know the best use of time. With the help of the TIME TRACKER, you can control the ongoing projects and their momentum. You can log in the time you have assigned for achieving the desired results and be updated on your team's pace and make any changes if required.

      To increase sales efficiency, organizations need to delve into their sales processes for weaknesses that can be remitted with either sales efficiency software or through a reorganization and strengthening of existing processes. Vibrant helps you manage/reorganize current projects and processes without shelling out a fortune.

    • It is also mandatory to keep track of the progress for any project manager . To achieve this, Vibrant brings you special features that can help you monitor team performance metrics, fix their KPIs, assign projects, etc.

    • And, last but not the least, you can also encourage your team by rewarding them for good work from time to time. You can motivate your team for bringing in amazing sales by rewarding them with Vibrant Rewards. It will go a long way in building that bond and loyalty among your team mates.

    • In a nutshell

      1Stay on top of deadlines

      2Know about team efficiency

      3Keep a tab on your team's progress

      4Know and clear bottlenecks before they become bigger

      5Analyze further strategies

      6Reward your team

    • 3 By File sharing

      With Vibrant , there is no trouble in sharing the data among the members of the team or with the client.

      Authorized members of the team can also suggest or edit the work anytime from anywhere using any device, while the project manager/team can discuss the required changes on Chat feature of Vibrant ; saving time and the heaps of emails going back and forth with corrections.

    • 4 With Virtual Assistance(VIRA)

      • What can be better than having your own virtual assistant? Vibrant provides you with your very own Virtual Assistant VIRA, that is always at your service, to answer your queries, remind you of important appointments, alert you of To-Do Tasks that need your attention, etc.

      • Vira Graphic

    Trading has been never so easier before

    • Instant chat

      Make your email inbox zero. Get instant updates over Vibrant chat.

    • Tasks

      Divide and allocate specific tasks to individuals within your team

    • Schedule timelines

      Each project with specific timeline to ensure faster deliverability

    • Virtual assistance

      VIRA to assist your team with priorities for the day

    • Track performance

      Check progress of your employees and push them for smart work.

    • Analytics

      Determine time vs productivity of your employees through performance analytics.

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