Vibrant is designed to integrate support processes and enable field support technicians to share and get right information from customer locations and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Support roles are a very innate part of every organization, be it customer support, business support, technical support, IT support/admin, HR, event management or concierge desk. So much so that we can safely say that the entire organization and administration of the company is highly dependent on the proper coordination and collaboration among these support teams. Vibrant can help you ensure that these teams stay collaborated well like a well-oiled engine.

    1With Vibrant’s Goal & Activity Tracker and Project Management feature, you can set goals for each member of each team and also track it. It can also help team members get necessary approval on time since the app is Accessible Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device. This saves lot of time that was previously wasted in sending emails back and forth in the name of seeking approvals.

    2Not only that, with Vibrant’s Performance Tracker, you can also see your team’s performance and take action accordingly. You can also reward your team members on their good performance using dinner, gift vouchers or movie tickets using Vibrant’s one-of-its-kind Reward feature. This will boost the morale of your team and motivate them to do better.

    3The People Directory in Vibrant also helps you store contact information of the various team members, vendors, event management people, etc. that you have to deal with in a secure, cloud-based storage system that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Not only that but using Vibes, you can also chat with any of these people to get any instant updates or clarifications or even discuss project details. You can also share amongst yourselves various Files, reports, updates and documents as and when required to support the work in progress. Vibrant’s File Sharing feature is based on a highly secure, cloud-based architecture with 2-Factor Authentication making it very safe to do so.

    4Vibrant’s task management feature also helps you prioritize and organize your tasks in simplified manner and makes it easy for you to track and finish it.

    5Last but not the least, Vibrant gives you VIRA, your very own Virtual Assistant that helps you follow up with your appointments, tasks, people whom you have assigned to do various tasks, etc. all from just your own phone!

    All these and more make Vibrant the right choice for an organization that values its Support Team as much as the other functions. For a Demo or to know more, please feel free to reach out to us.

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