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    The service industry has witnessed growth progressively and with the adoption of mobility and automation the landscape is rapidly changing, to constantly improve and provide best possible experience to the customers. Proactive response requires tools which are simple and easily adoptable in the work environment. Vibrant is designed to address the needs of service sector aiming at improving the overall efficiency of teams.

    • During holidays, most of us make a beeline for the best vacation spots. We check various, hotels, resorts, travel agents, adventure event planners, travel airlines, car rental services, touring guides, cruise operators, etc. in the hopes of getting the best deals, confirmed reservations and a good service. But how many of us have given thought to the collaboration that goes into these services. Or is there any collaboration at all?

      Well over the years, we have heard of lot of behind-the-scene collaboration issues when it comes to different departments dealing with the customers (marketing/ promotions/ front-desk/ revenue management/ wait-staff/ hotel manager/ housekeeping staff/ various agents, etc.) where sharing information seems like a big taboo especially because of lack of trust, want for rewards/credits, fear to tread beyond one’s comfort zone, etc. However, on closer inspection, if only these different departments used Vibrant , these issues can be drastically minimized. How? Very Simple. Continue reading to know more.

      With Vibrant, you can Serve your customer better

      1Collaborate across teams to understand your customer’s requirements better through our Chat feature. For example, a customer checks in and informs the front-desk saying he is allergic to specific type of food and the front-desk immediately updates the room-service person/chef about the specific issue, you can ensure the customer is not served any such food as per customers preference, It would then shape up to provide more personalised service to the customer.

      2 Now imagine multiple touring parties come in during peak season to your travel agency to book bulk tickets for various locations with very different travel preferences. Vibrant would be of great help in such situations. With Vibrant ’s People Directory, you can connect with multiple other vendors/agencies like airlines, cruise operators, bus operators, car rental agencies, tour guides, etc. and coordinate with them through Chat on Vibrant to book the tickets and seamlessly help your customers plan their itineraries.

      3You could also use VIRA (your own Virtual Assistant) to send IntelliAlerts to the respective parties reminding them of their schedule.

      4Easily prepare lists of all the contractors your organization deals with and update them from time to time using People Directory. Every time you need to update the list, you can simply edit, delete or manage people to keep the information intact and accurate.

      5Share photos of various locations, their sight-seeing spots, relevant docs like tickets, etc. with your customers and team through Vibrant ’s File Sharing feature and answer any queries using Chat. These Files can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device making it easy for everyone involved. This also reduces the number of emails going back and forth elucidating these details.

      6You can also use the Rewards feature to give Loyalty Rewards to your customers and make them happy too.

      7All these will ensure the experience is one of its kind for your customer and improved customer servicing leads to customer delight, loyalty and continued profits.

      Build loyal and efficient team players who bond well too

      1Social life with one’s team mates or professional contacts is highly undermined. But, once you start collaborating with different teams, you realize that the boundaries holding you back were actually never there. Vibrant ’s People Directory and Chat features help you achieve exactly this. It ensures better bonding between team mates and professional acquaintances. You get exposed to different teams, work environments, systems and ways of doing things. This helps you to grow, network, learn and adapt.

      2Vibrant ’s Reward feature will help you reward your employees/team members who excel in their KPIs and set example before others in the organization. You can give them gift vouchers, dinner vouchers or movie vouchers and encourage them in doing better.

      Outshine competition

      1Once the imaginary walls are broken between departments and teams, the overall organization gets streamlined. Their energies are synchronized and orchestrated towards the same goals namely bringing in more business and satisfying customers, providing the organization with a strategic advantage over competition.

      And, all these things can happen through this wonderful productivity increasing, project management app that comes with economic plans for all sizes of businesses and teams and helps you bring enormous changes in your organization and streamline processes without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Provide consistent service and assist your customers with Vibrant

    • Instant chat

      Make your email inbox zero. Get instant updates over Vibrant chat.

    • Tasks

      Divide and allocate specific tasks to individuals within your team

    • Schedule timelines

      Each project with specific timeline to ensure faster deliverability

    • Virtual assistance

      VIRA to assist your team with priorities for the day

    • Track performance

      Check progress of your employees and push them for smart work.

    • Analytics

      Determine time vs productivity of your employees through performance analytics.

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