The best app for your sales team to synchronize and update as they move.

  • 1Plan your entire marketing schedule, project deliverables schedule, service schedule and/or assign these to your team using our Project Management feature

    2Organize Corporate events/Marketing events to help generate leads. Grow network. Use our People Directory to do this and more. You can also use Project Management to assign work related to the event and ensure it is accounted for.

    3VIRA (your virtual personal assistant) to remind you of everything you assigned and need to follow up on, your Sales/Client Update meetings, your appointments, attending & arranging site visit with Clients, everything.

    4Involve your entire team in helping/assisting in creating Marketing Plans, sharing client requirements and better understanding it, discussing deliverables; getting/giving required approvals, giving them on-spot reviews on their work, etc. using Vibrant Chat feature and share files using the Share File feature Anytime, Anywhere and using Any Device.

    5Not only set Goals for the entire team but also keep an eye on their performance using our Performance Metrics and take actions as required. You can also use our Time Tracker feature to see who in your team is putting how much of their time in which task. You can also reward your team with gift vouchers, dinner vouchers and movie tickets to keep them motivated and feel appreciated using our Rewards feature.

    6Coordinate with other teams to ensure proper advertising, websites, standards and board presence to market your company’s brand and develop a market share.

    7You can also keep records of all activity using our File Sharing and secure Cloud Storage features.

Vibrant for Sales

  • Instant chat

    Make your email inbox zero. Get instant updates over Vibrant chat.

  • Tasks

    Divide and allocate specific tasks to individuals within your team

  • Schedule timelines

    Each project with specific timeline to ensure faster deliverability

  • Virtual assistance

    VIRA to assist your team with priorities for the day

  • Track performance

    Check progress of your employees and push them for smart work.

  • Analytics

    Determine time vs productivity of your employees through performance analytics.

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