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  • A leader, be it CFO, CEO, CIO, CPO, COO, someone in the management or an owner, has to look into a myriad of things under his purview, right from People Management to getting Investment for the firm, to showing Increase in Profits, to ensuring IT Infrastructure of the firm is state-of-the-art but within budget limitations, etc. And, to say this is easy is undermining the role.

    Well, Vibrant can help you in many of these endeavors.

    1Build strategies and develop and execute them to their best capacity with Vibrant. You can not only discuss its pros and cons with your advisor team but also follow up with different department heads/leads to ensure it is being implemented. It is easy to manage current work procedure and build new strategies alongside using Vibrant.

    2Vibrant allows you to set up deadlines for current project deliverables and gives you performance reports at each and every step, keeping you abreast of the developments and makes it easy for you to keep your clients happy.

    3You can also store all your important contacts using Vibrant’s People Directory and use as required. Since this is a secure cloud-based storage, you don’t have to worry about losing it ever.

    4Many leaders have to interact regularly with the press, financiers, investors, shareholders, vendors, distributors, etc. And, to schedule and remember such appointments and details therein associated, one is usually dependent on one’s assistant and his/her absence even for a day can wreak havoc with your schedule/day. Vibrant gives you a Virtual Assistant (VIRA) that would never be absent for you and can work 24/7 for you. With its IntelliReminders and context-driven Alerts, you can just rise and shine!

    5It is rightly said that a leader is as good as his sterling team. He therefore has to be a good motivator to boost up his team for better and efficient results. He should invoke the idea of building wonders in the minds of his team that will for sure result in taking the company to great heights. He has to set goals and make sure that the goals are achieved and with Vibrant, he can not only set goals but also track performances. He can then also offer rewards to his employees using Vibrant in terms of movie tickets, gift vouchers and dinner vouchers.

    6Know your employee better. Create an interactive yet professional environment for work so that a positive and productive culture in the workplace is maintained that involves listening to employee opinions, making adjustments and recognising the team's accomplishments. You can do all this using Vibrant’s Chat feature that intends to not only help in collaborating for work but also helps teams bond across socially.

    7Not only that, leaders can now use Vibrant to finish other pressing tasks on-the-go such as reviewing reports, making presentations to investors and the board of directors and examining how the company can cut expenses and increase revenue and all this, right from the comfort of one app. Vibrant’s File Sharing feature can help you do this and much more and all this is also stored using a secure Cloud-based technology making it safe and retrievable Anytime, Anywhere and through Any Device.

    8Best but not the least, Vibrant is an highly cost-effective, scalable app that has a secure, cloud-based architecture with a 2-Factor Authentication. It syncs automatically providing you with Real-time Database, is offline-friendly and can integrate with other popular tools in the market. What more can a progressive, efficient leader want!

Vibrant for Leadership

  • Instant chat

    Make your email inbox zero. Get instant updates over Vibrant chat.

  • Tasks

    Divide and allocate specific tasks to individuals within your team

  • Schedule timelines

    Each project with specific timeline to ensure faster deliverability

  • Virtual assistance

    VIRA to assist your team with priorities for the day

  • Track performance

    Check progress of your employees and push them for smart work.

  • Analytics

    Determine time vs productivity of your employees through performance analytics.

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