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    Information Technology companies need better and simple project management and easier communication tools that can increase overall efficiency of teams. Clear and concise communication, tracking of progress, time efficiency and performance management in a unified environment can greatly address the challenging needs of professional IT companies. Vibrant is designed to bring people and processes together and build a more efficient work culture.

    • 1For those of us in IT project management, a day doesn’t go by without chasing deadlines, giving project updates, conducting status meeting, settling critical issues, clearing bottlenecks, answering management; but still, at the end of the day, the effort is all wasted if one is left with:

      • 1Incomplete and scattered information

        2Multiple emails going back and forth among teammates in the name of clarification and communication

        3Disconnected information inside various tools leading to wastage of time in collation.

      In fact, things can go downhill very fast if left unattended and ultimately lead to project failure and loss of business. There could be multiple reasons behind the failure like over-budgeting, shortage of time and resources, etc. No matter what the reasons are, sooner or later a project manager realizes that it is all because of mismanagement. Well, Vibrant can save you from all these and much more.

      2With Vibrant ’s multiple features, a PM can not only assign tasks/projects to the team members, but also with Vibrant Timesheets, one can track the time they are spending on each task and reallocate resources if required. Not only that, people can also be held accountable for the work done and billed hours.

      3One can also share relevant files using File Sharing feature which is accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device and share reviews and discuss using Chat feature and make necessary changes. This will help clear bottlenecks before they blow up in size. Organizations can also reward and encourage employees using the Rewards feature with gift vouchers, dinner vouchers and movie ticket,s to name a few.

      4With the help of People Directory and VIRA (Virtual Assistant), connect not only your team members amongst themselves but also with clients and engage them, resolve their queries, keep them posted on the progress of the project. You can also set up Intelli Alerts and remind your team members and client of any upcoming milestones, status update calls, etc. and keep them posted.

      6Vibrant helps achieve collaboration and streamline processes, and thus ensures that the project becomes a success at all costs and your organization stays ahead of competition.

    Key features designed for information technology teams

    • Instant chat

      Make your email inbox zero. Get instant updates over Vibrant chat.

    • Tasks

      Divide and allocate specific tasks to individuals within your team

    • Schedule timelines

      Each project with specific timeline to ensure faster deliverability

    • Virtual assistance

      VIRA to assist your team with priorities for the day

    • Track performance

      Check progress of your employees and push them for smart work.

    • Analytics

      Determine time vs productivity of your employees through performance analytics.

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