Frequently asked questions

  • What is Vibrant?

    Mobile first team productivity solution designed to help businesses and teams to improve efficiency at work. Successful teams use simple systems that measure performance, our vision is to provide a best system available to all types of businesses. Vibrant is the result of that effort.

  • How it is different from the thousands of tools available on the store?

    We designed Vibrant as a mobile first solution focusing on 3 fundamental things that matters most to any work

    1. Work planning
    2. Efficient communication
    3. Measuring Performance
    Of course there are multiple tools focused on Project Management, Communication, Analytics etc, but as user they can't be using multiple tools in an work environment since it can hamper productivity and adds unnecessary costs and maintenance overheads. We wanted to provide simple, easy and effective tools that can be easily adopted by any type of teams without much of technical implementation.

  • What are the key benefits a user can expect by using vibrant app.?

    Efficiently focus on what matters most at work, help yourself with focused work by organizing it in a simple app. Get to know where the progress is hampered and correct it by quickly taking action and communicating with concerned team members.

  • How it is helpful for the managers or team leaders?

    Now a day's biggest challenge for managers is too much information, too little insight, our app is designed to help users to achieve more efficiency by simply planning work ahead, assigning it to users and track it on a single glance. All can be done without sending multiple emails, accessing multiple tools. It allows manager to just focus on what matters most. At the end, it's matter of getting things done through others.

  • How it is helpful from the team members prospective?

    Team members knows what’s lined up for the day, helps the team members to access their own work data, progress data, set goals and achieve them, easily know where a particular task is stuck, quickly communicate with team members.

  • What is the basic pricing model of the Vibrant. ?

    As of now, we have two plans available, Vibrant Business Edition, Vibrant Custom Edition. Vibrant Business Edition is free for upto 100 users.

  • What about the data backup? Can i retrieve my data whenever i want?

    Yes, all our data is stored in most secure servers, any time the authorized person from your organization can download the data from the Admin console.

  • How is Vibrant different from Slack, Asana, Trello?

    Vibrant is designed to address 3 fundamental things relevant to any teams. 1. Communication, 2. Work Planning, 3. Measure Performance. Comparatively with other tools in the market Vibrant is more integrated tool. The other tools address a specific requirement but users end up using multiple tools, each tool having different experience and different style. Imagine like you’ve to talk in 5-6 languages in office, it's the same experience with other tools. Vibrant tries provide a simple and one comprehensive solution to address those needs. It is a single platform where you can effectively manage work, communicate and collaborate and measure efficiency and productivity.

    One seamless experience across all device types.

  • We are already using Office 365, Google Apps and other tools, how can Vibrant help?

    Vibrant is designed with the mobile first thinking, if you spend most of the time on your mobile at work and you need a better application for planning and communicating office work Vibrant meets your requirements. Vibrant is designed to easily work with all your existing software since it’s much easier to use among teams.

  • How secure is Vibrant?

    We value customer’s data and has the following measures to protect and safeguard the data in Vibrant. Data security is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we have special emphasis on user and data security throughout Vibrant. All network communication between the user’s device to the server happens over secure socket layer (SSL) to protect the data on the wire. User identity, authentication and authorization are handled at every level and the designed to have rules and protection in place for various activities throughout the application.

    For example, the chat messages between two people are secured and locked from any other snooping / access.Files shared between people are stored securely and can only be accessed through the application and only by the shared users.

    Attachments stored as part of the application’s cloud storage has redundant backup features to eliminate data loss and to provide integrity. User identity data used by the application (in built username / password based access) for authentication and authorization are securely stored with maximum protection and encryption. The system employs database level access restrictions on the application data fine tuned to user roles and permissions. The backend solution is scalable with guaranteed uptime and SLA to prevent any business disruptions while using the application.

    The application does not store any user authentication data locally to prevent misuse or leak if any untoward loss of the device.

  • Who are already using Vibrant?

    We have users across 22 countries and we are growing every week.

  • Does Vibrant support multiple languages?

    Vibrant supports multiple languages as a input text whearas the base application language in English. If you want to communicate or create work items in the language of your choice, by changing the keyboard language you can type in any language you wanted.

  • When can i expect a Desktop edition of Vibrant?

    All the Vibrant Business Edition users will receive a free Desktop client by 2017 Fall

  • How many users can use Vibrant?

    There is no limit on the number of users who can communicate using Vibrant. However the limit on number of users who have access to subscription features depends on the number of user limit imposed as a part of the subscription plan.

  • Does other users have to be using Vibrant to collaborate?

    As of now Yes, both the users need to be using Vibrant for secure collaboration. In the future we plan to introduce e-mail based service using which even if the invited user does not have Vibrant , they can reply on the same e-mail to update the thread.

  • Do you do any customizations?

    There is a custom edition available for Enterprise customers, Vibrant Platform can be used to build specific custom solutions for enterprise.

  • I have need some support using Vibrant, whom should I contact?

    You can write to or you can fill the requirements here, our team member will act on the support request within next business day.

  • What kind of integrations do you support?

    The application supports out of the box integration with file sharing applications / services, custom integrations with various project management solutions, identity and authentication management systems, database systems as required. In near future, the platform will be available as an API for consumption to embed Vibrant’s core features into other applications and enhance the user efficiency, productivity and to utilise all other Vibrant’s exciting features.

  • What are the features of Vira, how different it’s from Microsoft Cortana, Google Assist and Apple Siri?

    Cortona, Google Assist, Apple Siri are large scale implementation of AI systems, they are powerful and use whole lot Computing power, process huge amount of data before serving a response to the user. Vibrant Vira is more specific solution designed to address work related queries within the context of your role or function within a company. Vira is your personal bot designed to help you in your day to day chores at office.

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