• Banking & Finance

    The front-end team, backend team and the team on the field will need more simple and efficient tools to plan, communicate and bring people together. Vibrant is designed to assist your teams to achieve better engagement with colleagues and customers and to improve overall work efficiency.

    • Life moves at full pace, so you need banking options flexible enough to accommodate even the wildest of schedules. Banking is one of those facilities that have a great responsibility on the shoulders of the organization. They have to gain the trust of their customers and provide them with the best features that can make their lives easy.

      What customers get are banking facilities that they can peruse sitting at home - mobile banking, internet banking, online shopping, etc. but behind creating these offerings is the complex work of creating a safe and secure and trustworthy work process and its management.

    • What are the major issues faced by the Banking Industry?

      For people in banking, this app can turn out to be a key tool that can be the centric base of all their needs.

      It can be a game changer for your organization if something is constantly not going right and you need a hand to bring things up to the mark. The major issues of the banking department are

      • 1 Uncentralized Storage

        2 Inefficient Access

        3 Inefficient Resources

        4 Constrained Performance

      • 5Low Productivity

        6Poor Customer Relations

        7Low Morale/Motivation

    • How can Vibrant resolve these issues?

      1 By Providing Centralized Storage

      With Vibrant ’s File Management feature, you can easily store all types of files in a standardized manner. You can create folders classified according to particular fields and can share it with people authorized to access it. This allows you to have an easy process of storage that will lead to easy retrieval as well. Thus you get all your data organized and you become time efficient.

      Thus, Vibrant gives you the convenience of

      • 1 Individual Folders

        2 Centralized Storage

      • 3Organized Data

        4Easy Maintenance

    • 2 By Creating an Easy Aceess

      Work efficiency is described not only by successfully creating something but also by modifying it as required Whenever Wherever and through Whatever device. Vibrant gives you the facility to access any data at any point of time from anyplace and you can discuss and bring changes to the data accordingly.

      • 1File sharing (There is no trouble in sharing the data among the members of the team or with the Employer)

        2Chat feature of Vibrant (Easy Contact and Consultation among team members regarding ideas, decisions is easy)

        3Work Edits (Any member of the team can suggest or edit the work)

        4Easy Access (Any device, Anywhere, Anytime)

    • 3By Providing Efficient Resources

      It is very important for all organizations to have the most efficient resources and technologies and same is the case for Banking. Vibrant can help you offload that workload and pressure. Thus with Vibrant ’s underlying technology you have following key benefits.

      • 1Secured Cloud Based Architecture

        2Real-time Database

      • 3Proper Authentication

        4Syncing with other popular and helpful tools

    • 4By Influencing Productivity

      There is so much competition in the market that survival of only the fittest is possible. Therefore maintaining good productivity is very important to maintain a good hold on the market. To attain this, Vibrant has the most adequate features. You can share logs of the team’s progress with the advanced features of Vibrant and see what further achievements are made. You can share ideas with it and work on developing further strategies.

      • 1Know about team efficiency

        2Keep a tab on your team's progress

      • 3Know and clear bottlenecks before they become bigger

        4Analyze further strategies

    • 5By enhancing customer relations

      Customer Relations depend on the adequate and beneficial facilities provided by a bank and hence it is important to create a smooth bridge for easy transactions. With help of the Vibrant feature of PEOPLE DIRECTORY you can keep details and tracks of its customers and it allows you to build ideas with Vibrant that may enhance the banking facilities conveniently even at your busiest schedules. You can get a helping hand with the following features.

      • 1Chat Sessions

        2Performance feedbacks

      • 3People Directory

        4Underlying Technology

      Getting an adequate angle or lighting for taking a selfie might be difficult but banking through the Vibrant can be achieved with a great ease.

    • 6Boosting up the morale of workers

      1Low morale can cause poor cooperation among the workers and hence boosting up their morale is essential so that the banking process will not be hindered.

      2The employees should not drag themselves to perform the job.

      3You can motivate your team for bringing in amazing sales by rewarding them in kind or digitally using dinner vouchers, gift vouchers and movie vouchers. It will go a long way in building that bond and loyalty among your team mates

    Optimize investment and minimize risks with team collaboration

    • Instant chat

      Make your email inbox zero. Get instant updates over Vibrant chat.

    • Tasks

      Divide and allocate specific tasks to individuals within your team

    • Schedule timelines

      Each project with specific timeline to ensure faster deliverability

    • Virtual assistance

      VIRA to assist your team with priorities for the day

    • Track performance

      Check progress of your employees and push them for smart work.

    • Analytics

      Determine time vs productivity of your employees through performance analytics.

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